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2024 GASGAS MC 125 RED

Description :

Here's why the Gas Gas MC 125 is the ultimate choice for serious riders:

Dominating Power: The heart of the MC 125 is its high-performance 125cc engine, delivering mind-blowing power and torque that will push your limits on the track. Feel the surge of acceleration as you rocket down straightaways and blast through berms with ease.

Race-Ready Handling: Engineered for podium-worthy performance, the MC 125 features a lightweight frame and advanced suspension system that provide razor-sharp handling and pinpoint control. From tight corners to big jumps, this bike delivers the agility and responsiveness you need to dominate any track.

Built to Win: Gas Gas has a reputation for durability and reliability, and the MC 125 lives up to that legacy. Built with top-quality materials and precision engineering, this bike is ready to handle the rigors of competitive racing and deliver championship-worthy performance, race after race.

Advanced Technology: The MC 125 is packed with advanced technology and performance-enhancing features, including adjustable suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and a state-of-the-art engine management system. Experience the thrill of cutting-edge innovation every time you hit the track.

Race-Ready Design: Stand out from the competition with the aggressive and stylish design of the MC 125. From its sleek bodywork to its eye-catching graphics, this bike looks as fast as it rides and commands attention on the track.

Proven Pedigree: Gas Gas has a long history of success in motocross racing, with countless championships won on tracks around the world. When you ride a Gas Gas, you're riding with the confidence of a champion.

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2024 GASGAS MC 125 RED

Price: 121,000 (incl. tax)
FAST. Johannesburg