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2022 KTM 250 SX Orange

Description :

Introducing the 2022 KTM 250 SX – the embodiment of pure motocross performance, precision engineering, and championship-winning technology. This bike is not just a machine; it's a race-ready powerhouse designed to dominate the track with unparalleled agility, power, and unmatched handling.

Race-Winning Powerplant: At the heart of the 250 SX beats a high-revving, 2-stroke engine that's tuned for podium performances. With a perfect blend of torque and top-end power, this engine delivers the adrenaline-pumping acceleration needed to blast out of corners, clear jumps, and conquer the motocross track with unrivaled speed.

Lightweight and Nimble: Weighing in at a mere 209 pounds, the 250 SX is a lightweight marvel. The bike's nimble chassis and race-inspired geometry allow for precise control and effortless maneuverability, making it the ideal choice for riders who demand agility and responsiveness on the track. Feel the bike respond to your every input as you navigate tight turns and conquer jumps with confidence.

Factory-Level Suspension: The 250 SX is equipped with WP XACT front forks and a WP XACT shock at the rear, both fully adjustable for maximum customization. This top-tier suspension system provides a plush ride, exceptional damping characteristics, and the ability to fine-tune the setup to match your riding style and track conditions. Get ready to experience race-winning suspension technology straight from the factory.

Race-Ready Braking: The Brembo braking system on the 250 SX ensures uncompromised stopping power and precise control. Whether you're approaching a corner or coming down from a jump, the brakes respond instantly, allowing you to maintain the perfect line and push the limits with confidence.

Aggressive Design: The 2022 250 SX boasts an aggressive design that's not just for show – it's a statement of intent. The bold KTM orange, sharp lines, and aerodynamic bodywork are not just visually striking but also optimized for maximum airflow and efficiency. Stand out on the track and let the competition know you mean business.

Engineered for Champions: The 250 SX is a direct result of KTM's commitment to excellence in motocross. With a heritage of championship-winning machines, this bike is engineered to deliver the performance and reliability needed to stand on the podium. Join the ranks of champions and experience the thrill of riding a true motocross icon.

Unleash Your Motocross Passion: The 2022 KTM 250 SX isn't just a dirt bike; it's a ticket to motocross glory. If you're ready to push your limits, dominate the track, and experience the thrill of racing at the highest level, the 250 SX awaits. Are you prepared to unleash your motocross passion? The track is calling, and the 250 SX is ready to lead you to victory.

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2022 KTM 250 SX Orange

Price: 105,000
FAST. Johannesburg